“It is raining, and it will continue to rain until it is done. If you wish to change the weather of the world you will have to find yourself another wizard” – Gandalf


Listen up all those contemplating pain and magnificent suffering for 5000 miles.

This is a new route. Loads of people have come together to make this one amazing experience. It will not be perfect. There will be failures. There will be the unexpected, the unknown, the challenges no one ever saw coming. There is no money, no reward. Self-supported ultra-distance cycling is by nature, an independent, and for many, a spiritual event. There will be those who find it easy to sit in the comfort of life and criticize.  The experience of the route demands within the rider, the ability to adapt to these “opportunities” for growth so that we may come out the other end, a slightly better person than the one who started, and show to the world, what humanity is capable of.

If you are considering this route, please prepare for that. This is not 5 star cycling. There will be cars, boats, planes, bears, mean people, mean mud, stubborn mountains, broken GPX files, and every other conceivable mental and physical challenge imaginable. It is after all, 5000 miles of desolate adventure.


• The official race GPX can be found at:


• Garmin etrex users must use a converted 10k file. You can convert this file yourself or use the one attached to this email.

• This GPX is FINAL. We truly appreciate all of the input that we have received on this route and have incorporated as much as possible.